Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I blinked...and he grew up.

I remember when I first began having babies, a sweet little old lady at church told me,
"Don't blink or they will be all grown up and you will miss it."

I didn't really care what she was talking about because I was drowning in diapers, babies and spit up.

I should have listened.

I blinked.

Little did we know that when our son left for the West Texas oil fields he would meet the girl of his dreams.

I blinked.

He brought her over for dinner and I gave her a good look over.

I wondered, "Is this the one I've been praying for?  Is this the girl God designed, created and loved just for my son?"

I couldn't help but think about these things. As a mom, you hope and pray your son will recognize God's girl for him when he meets her.

Conversations became serious after we met her.

"Mom, she's the one. I know it. I can't explain it, I just know it."

Little did we know that she was having the same type conversations with her family.

I don't remember blinking, but I did.

My little boy is gone. Now a man, bringing her home to meet her future family. Proud & smiling from ear to ear.

I love looking at this sweet girl my son has chosen and thinking, "I've been praying for you, since you were a little girl, I've been praying for you."

I feel like I am meeting an old friend I have known for years even though we have just met.

They stood before God and their family and friends and  committed to love each other and be faithful to each other no matter how hard life will be. And life will be hard.

I've gained a daughter of whom I love and adore. I pray for her and for him because now it is them. Instead of praying for a mysterious, unknown girl, I am praying for my son's wife, she has a name, face and a place in my heart.

I will try not to blink as much because I do not want to miss what God has planned for this couple.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a quick update.

I haven't written anything since May. I can't believe it has been that long, but things have been really busy & there just hasn't been much time to blog. So I thought I would give you a quick update on what all has been keeping us busy.

June came in with an invitation to Scott to participate in a 2 year project with the company he has been working catastrophic claims with since 2011. He accepted & began work in mid June. The drive is long & so are the hours, but we are so thankful for the income. But we really miss him not being here. We look forward to the weekends when he is home. This job has been my first true hope of us being able to get back on our feet & move into our own house eventually. This coming November will be 3 years since we had to move.

Scott has been helping me with my Young Living business, so when he went back to work & had to get used to working solo and that has taken quite a bit of adjustment for me. This is my job now. I officially call myself a "Work at Home Mom". I am excited to be earning enough income to cover many of our bills each month & cover the Young Living products we need.  You can visit out "oily" website to see why I love doing what I do.  I am teaching classes, meeting with moms and helping people find a natural way to improve their health.

July brought us an exciting announcement. Josh & his girlfriend, Chelsea are getting married.  We really like Chelsea & have enjoyed the time we have been able to spend with her & are so excited to have her in our family. The wedding is August 23! Yikes!!! 

The rest of the summer has been full of church camp, family reunions, swimming & sleeping late.

We are starting school back tomorrow simply because these kids need some routine in their day & I need routine also! I don't even have all of their school books yet, but that is what the internet & a printer is good for. :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Be Mindful on Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's Day.  For many woman across the globe, it is a great day.

But for some it is a dreaded day.

The Lord has placed 2 women in my life who have inspired me is so many ways.  Their lives are lived not just in service to others but in a way that encourages others to seek truth in Jesus. What these 2 women have in common is they have not been able to have children.  According to society, they are not moms.  But I do not agree. They may not have given birth to children or raised children in their home, but both of them have had a huge positive influence on many children, touching their lives in a way than most mothers never will.

One friend I have already blogged about in this post.  But, I decided to introduce you to my other friend.  Of course I won't use her name. I just want to tell you a little about her and how she has inspired me.

Like I said, my friend has no children of her own and desperately wants them. She has experienced the painful loss of miscarriage. Her heart aches & yearns for children. So, you can understand why Mother's Day is a very difficult day for her.  She yearns for the day when she can be celebrated by her children.  She looks forward to the day when in church on Mother's Day they ask all mother's to stand and she can join the other mothers in the room.

While she waits for the Lord to give them children he has her very busy at a very difficult job.  She counsels young girls considering abortion.  While her heart is aching for a baby, she sits across the table from a young girl wanting to get rid of her baby.

Can you imagine the pain my friend experiences as she counsels with these young, very confused girls?

I can't imagine.

But yet she does it. It is important enough to her to push through her own emotions and do what God has called her to do.  She has amazing stories and testimonies by young women whose lives were changed. What she is doing is possibly changing whole generations.  The Lord is using her to save lives!

In addition to that, she also speaks in schools to students about the right kind of sex education.  She teaches unheard of concept today. She spends time with young people, pouring herself into them encouraging them, teaching them truth and equipping them to make wise decisions. For many of these students she is the closest thing to a mother any of them will ever experience.

The Lord is using her is such a huge way in the lives of so many students and young girls.  I'm so thankful for her.  She is such a blessing to me and has inspired me in so many ways to reach beyond myself and look for new ways to bless others.

I hope & pray that one day my friend will know the joy of being a mother. Until then, I love how she continues to do what the Lord has called her to do.

I encourage on this Mother's Day you to be mindful of those dear friends we all have whose dream of being a mom hasn't or will never come true. Maybe send them a special note or give them a quick phone call, letting them know how much you are blessed by their life.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lessons from Charlie

Here is my view as I write.
Today is Charlie's 2nd birthday. Yes, I know...already!

He is very much a typical 2 year old boy. He loves to eat everything he isn't supposed to & not eat what he needs to. He is a boy of few words, but knows how to get his point across.  He is happier outside then inside (the reason for the sand table). He will take a bucket of cars over a book all day long.

Last year I blogged about the difference a year makes. The Lord has often felt very far away, but Charlie is our constant reminder that indeed he is also very close by.

I have said it many times before on here, but Charlie truly is the joy of our family. It isn't because he is the youngest.  God has used Charlie to teach our family many very important things.

1.  Dates are important to God.  15 years ago today is when the kids & I were in that horrible car accident that triggered a season of depression & panic attacks for me.  For many years we hated the date, May 7 because it always reminded us of what had happened. We do not believe it is coincidence that 13 years later the Lord blessed us with Charlie on that same day.  Now, May 7th is a day of celebration for us.

Sarah and Charlie near the site of the accident.

See the bent t-post? They never fixed it. We found Sarah laying under the post. That post saved her life. The suburban rolled over that post, bending it. She has no memory of the year before or the year after the accident.

2.  Joy is possible in the midst of difficult days.  Even though we were thrilled when we found out we were expecting Charlie, we were in the midst of a very difficult time and I was really concerned about having this baby.  I knew God had a purpose, but trusting his purpose was a totally different issue. Here is my post about what was going on at the time: You Have Given Me Greater Joy!  Little did we know the impact Charlie would make on our family. The Lord used Charlie to bring our family together during a trial that could easily have torn us apart.  He brought joy to our lives.

3.  God truly knows!  Not that I ever really doubted this, but ok...yes I have.  When I realized we would have to move unfortunately one of my first thoughts were not, "God knows what he is doing." It was more like, "Really? You are letting this happen now?" And yes.  I was upset with God.  If it were left up to me, I would never have chosen to have a baby at that time. I am so thankful it isn't left up to me. I can't imagine the blessings we would have missed out on if we had decided 10 kids were enough & made sure to not have anymore.  Charlie is proof we do not know, but God does. His timing is perfect. He could easily have given us Charlie several years earlier,but he didn't. He could have never given us Charlie at all.  In the eyes of many that would have been best.

I'm so thankful God knows what I need exactly when I need it!

When I begin to doubt God's timing or plans, I look over at Charlie and am reminded that God knows, He gives joy & everyday is important to him.  Suddenly, my doubts fade and my joy is renewed.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12

My latest lesson?  Sitting outside with your laptop while your boys play in the sand will result in sand all over & possibly inside your laptop. Not sure that was a good idea.

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