Friday, May 1, 2015

Enjoy a Chemical Free Summer!

Summer time is getting really close.
School is about to be out.
Our kids are spending more time outside.
The stores are stocked up on what we once considered "necessities" for Summer. I'm so thankful that now, my kids can enjoy the summer without the use of the harsh chemicals on their bodies that are found in bug spray, sunscreen or chemical laden aloe vera gel used on sunburns.

Our skin is our body's largest organ and what we put on it will absorb into our blood stream. Now think about that! Do you want these chemicals running through your blood stream? I don't and I know I don't want them on my children either. Many times the chemicals in our body care products are causing health problems we don't even realize. Here is a list of common chemicals found in most body care products that need to be avoided.

So, I'm going to share my secrets with you. If you already use Young Living oils, then enjoy these tips. If you don't, but you are interested then contact me so we can chat! All of the oils I'm about to share with you come in the Premium Starter kit with the Everyday Oils collection. So, if you are brand new and all you have is this kit, then you are set!

Bugs! We hate them, but we get a lot of mosquitoes this time of year. Bugs do not stand a chance against these essential oils. I simply add my oils to some Epsom salt, shake it up really good & then add my water to the spray bottle. The oils and Epsom salts together make it possible for the oils to infuse into the water instead of staying separate. I just spritz my kids down before they go outside.

Sometimes we are just caught by surprise by those little stinkers & we get bit anyway. Purification is a great blend to help ease the itchiness of those bites. Zaps them faster than you can squish a mosquito! If you don't have any Purification, Lemongrass is an excellent substitute!

Are you sensitive to the Seasons? When Charlie goes outside, if they yard has just been mowed, his poor little eyes swell up and turn red. His nose begins running worse than a leaky faucet. I love how well rubbing a little Lavender and Lemon on his toes helps so much. In fact, he played outside this morning while his Papaw mowed the side yard! His eyes are clear and so are his nose. WooHoo!!

Have you read the back of the sunscreen bottle? You need a degree in chemistry to understand what most of those ingredients are. Here is a great post I found talking about the chemicals found in most sunscreen's and why we need to avoid them. I also love that the article explains how the sun is not what is causing cancer, but more-so the chemicals found in sunscreen. Now that goes against everything my mom taught me growing up!
So, I love that if I don't have any of the safe organic sunscreen on hand, I can make my own! Coconut oil on its own provides protection from UV rays. Then you add Lavender and Carrot Seed essential oils and you have a wonderful blend of sun protection while still getting the Vitamin D your body needs!

It's already happened! The kids went fishing and all of them came home with pink little shoulders and noses. A few years ago I grabbed the BLUE Aloe Vera Gel from the fridge to cool down their sun kissed skin. Not anymore! Now I can make my own little spray or gel to rub on them and it has no chemicals in it at all. It works so well and now they all have a slight tan forming.

There is no reason why we need to suffer through the Summer. Instead, we should be able to enjoy it!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Young Living Essential Oils to support your health and the health of your family, contact me at or visit my website;  I would love to help you begin your journey of better health and wellness!

Disclaimer: I'm not trained in medicine or a certified aromatherapist. I am just a mom who loves using essential oil based products with my family. These products or the information shared on this page are not meant to replace proper medical treatment nor was the information meant to treat, cure ir diagnose diseases. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Product Review: Spectrum Workbooks

I was contacted by a rep of the Carson-Dellosa Publishing group & asked to review some of the Spectrum workbooks. I was already familiar with these workbooks because we have used a few of them in the past but it has been many years and I knew they had been updated, so I said "sure thing".

I received the books sooner than I thought and we quickly dug into them. My kids appreciated doing something different for a little while.  

These books make for a great supplement to what you are already doing. As a homeschooler we often see holes in what our kids are learning & these workbooks can help fill some of those holes and provide extra practice. I also found these books to be great for when I am working and need them to be busy doing something. They kept them busy & were also improving skills. Win-win!

For Sam I had a Phonics 1st grade workbook. It was simple, colorful, but not too busy. I like that because with his ADHD, he is easily distracted so I usually use black & white worksheets for him. But the pages were simple & clean so he didn't seem to have a problem and he enjoyed the work. The pages were not overwhelming which is important also for him. If he looks at it and thinks he can't do it then we get no where. For those still struggling with phonics, this is a great way to supplement the phonics lessons you already have going. When you work on learning the short /a/ sound you have several pages to reinforce what you just taught.

For Gracie, I had several books. Writing, Spelling, and Vocabulary. She loves writing, so I got that one to see if it would help her or if it was boring. She is horrible at Spelling so I wanted to see if she improved in her spelling better than what we were already using. Vocabulary is not an area of weakness for her so I wanted to see how easy it was for her.

She enjoyed the Writing workbook. The activities were fun & she enjoyed the writing assignments in it. Did she improve her writing skills? I'm not completely sure yet as we haven't used the books long enough for me to tell. But she was writing something everyday and enjoyed it, so that is a plus for me. But once again, I would only use these as a supplement to the main writing program, but it makes for some good practice.

Gracie also used the Vocabulary book.  I felt that this was a little too easy for her. The level of words were not challenging enough for her. In the back of the book is a section on test taking. We haven't tried any of that, but we might. In Texas, our kids do not have to do standardized testing so often they don't learn those skills. Personally, when I am sitting next to my child as they are learning something new I don't find it necessary to give them a test. I already know if they have mastered the concept or not.  But, when they get to High School it is a different story.

The last book Gracie used was Spelling. She isn't a good speller so I wanted to see if this helped improve that. Like I said earlier we haven't used them very long so I can't really say yet, but I do like the way the lessons are set up. One lesson a week, 4 pages per lesson, the same list of words are focused on so she got decent practice on the words. I also like that she didn't just learn to spell them, but she had to know how to use them & what they meant. Who cares if you know how to spell precarious if you don't know what it means or how to use the word.
Zach used the Science book. He didn't like it, mainly because we do not follow the Big Bang or Evolution theories and that is what was in the lessons.  He just couldn't get past that. The format was simple though. Read the passage & answer the questions. It was simple & not too in-depth if you are looking for extra Science work.  But like I said, the evolution idea's really were a problem for him and so he only did a couple of the lessons.

In conclusion, I would use these workbooks to help supplement. I like the way they are set up. They are easy to use, answers are in the back (you may want to pull those out if your child has a tendency to peek) & I can just hand them to them & let them work through them. Rarely did I need to explain how to do the lesson. They were able to work independently, which as a working at home mom that is really helpful.
Click to visit their website

Check out their website to see all the grades & subjects they offer.  They have a great variety of resources & teaching aids that are helpful to not just homeschool moms, but public school moms who just want to add a little extra learning at home.

Monday, October 27, 2014

When the Prayer Request Changes

Financial Provision.  It is a prayer request I have had for many years.

I realized yesterday that I don't have that as a prayer request anymore.  God is providing financially for us! In fact, He is providing above and beyond what we need right now. We are finally able to put money away in savings and are working to get enough money saved up so we can move & give my in-laws back their house. They have been so amazing & patient letting us stay here. We don't know when we will move & we don't know where, we are doing this slowly to make sure we don't make any emotional decisions. But for the first time in 5 years we have consistent income! Don't you know I am doing the Praise-Jesus-dance!!

Scott is working for a company called Pilot. They are hired by an insurance company to handle their home insurance claims. It isn't a fun job, but he does enjoy those he works with. The hard part is he works 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and then he has to drive an hour to work & an hour home. So we don't see him much during the week. I hate that part, but it is what the Lord is using to provide for us right now, so we are all thankful for it. And I'm very thankful for a husband who is willing to do what every he needs to do to provide for us.

I am working from home, part time. I blogged about a year ago about how I was about to start pursuing a business with Young Living Essential Oils. I'm so thrilled that the Lord is greatly blessing this & we are now receiving enough income to completely cover many bills and our groceries. And the great part is, this business just keeps growing and getting bigger. Not only has the Lord used these products to change our family's health, but now he is using this company to change our lives and bring about things I had lost hope over.

It's the little things that excite me.

  • Sarah & Morgan went to Ireland this month with our church mission team & we were able to contribute to their fundraising....many times!
  • We bought a car! I finally have my own reliable car to drive for the first time in 3 years.
  • I bought our home school materials, everything the kids needed with out asking for my parents help in paying for it.
  • I met a friend for lunch & I paid for her lunch!
  • I can go to the grocery store & buy whatever we need.

We are not rolling in money by any means, but how refreshing it is to be able to take care of our needs & a few wants without worry. How fun it is to bless others with what God has blessed us with!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I blinked...and he grew up.

I remember when I first began having babies, a sweet little old lady at church told me,
"Don't blink or they will be all grown up and you will miss it."

I didn't really care what she was talking about because I was drowning in diapers, babies and spit up.

I should have listened.

I blinked.

Little did we know that when our son left for the West Texas oil fields he would meet the girl of his dreams.

I blinked.

He brought her over for dinner and I gave her a good look over.

I wondered, "Is this the one I've been praying for?  Is this the girl God designed, created and loved just for my son?"

I couldn't help but think about these things. As a mom, you hope and pray your son will recognize God's girl for him when he meets her.

Conversations became serious after we met her.

"Mom, she's the one. I know it. I can't explain it, I just know it."

Little did we know that she was having the same type conversations with her family.

I don't remember blinking, but I did.

My little boy is gone. Now a man, bringing her home to meet her future family. Proud & smiling from ear to ear.

I love looking at this sweet girl my son has chosen and thinking, "I've been praying for you, since you were a little girl, I've been praying for you."

I feel like I am meeting an old friend I have known for years even though we have just met.

They stood before God and their family and friends and  committed to love each other and be faithful to each other no matter how hard life will be. And life will be hard.

I've gained a daughter of whom I love and adore. I pray for her and for him because now it is them. Instead of praying for a mysterious, unknown girl, I am praying for my son's wife, she has a name, face and a place in my heart.

I will try not to blink as much because I do not want to miss what God has planned for this couple.

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