Thursday, October 25, 2012

When you don’t enjoy being a mom.

The morning was already off to a rough start when the baby woke up as usual, but never went back to sleep after he nursed. My head was pounding from a head cold and I really wanted to sleep it off, but not with a happy baby laying next to me.
The weather man was promising that Fall temperatures were finally on their way and we should expect to have cooler temps by mid-afternoon.  I thought that would be wonderful until I realized what the weather change was doing to my kids.
It seemed like they were on a major sugar high or had drank Red Bull!
I felt like the only thing I could say to them was…
“Be quiet!”
“Stop running!”
“Don’t wake up the baby!”
“You woke up the baby!”
I definitely did not enjoy being a mom right now.
I want a break.  I want to quit.  I want to protest hyper kids by going back to bed.
Finally by mid-afternoon the baby did go down for a good long nap.  This gave me time to deal with the noisy kids & regain some order.  While they were busy cleaning up their messes I went to the kitchen to do what I love to do when I need to decompress…I bake.
While I baked this amazing chocolate cake I prayed.
Lord, I didn’t enjoy being a mom today.  I didn’t enjoy my kids at all.  I know the whole day wasn’t as bad as I think it was.  Please remind me of your blessings today. 
And no sooner did I finish my prayer did the Lord flood my mind with little moments through out the day when my children blessed me.
Sam brought me a bottle of water while I was still in bed. He knows I need to drink a lot of water since I am nursing and he knew I had a headache.
Zach read Morgan’s science lesson to her because she had a headache.
Collin ran to the store for me because I needed more baking cocoa for my cake.
Morgan laughed at Sam’s face that was covered in black from an ink pad, which made me laugh instead of scold him.
Gracie played with Charlie because she knew I didn’t feel well.
Austin sat with Charlie on his lap in front of the fish tank as long as Charlie would sit there while I helped someone with their school work.

Thank you Lord, I prayed. I truly am blessed beyond what I deserve.
I wish I could say the rest of my day was just peachy, but it wasn’t. The cake didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to & I still had my headache. But, finally as soon as the cold front blew through, my kids chilled out and slowed down.  Amazing how that works.