Friday, March 1, 2013

I need your help!

My husband is hard at work these days building a buisness selling gently used & new golf equipment on eBay and Amazon.  Last year her played around with it a little & very soon realized there was money to be made, but he wasn't quite prepared for the volume of sales.  This year, as golf season quickly approaches, he is better prepared.

For a few months he did get to work again as a claims adjuster for the Sandy storm.  That was nice, but we knew it was temporary.  So, now that he is home again he is back at work on the golf buisiness. He has been building the inventory of golf clubs, sets, bags, etc...  We are running out of room!  Inventory is EVERYWHERE! Behind every door. In every corner. In every closet. And don't forget, we still live with his parents, so space is already tight.

So, why am I telling you this?  We need help getting the word out.  We would love it if this little eBay buisness turned into income for us so we could finally be able to move into our own house.  Scott has plenty of inventory, we just need buyers.

So, this is where you can find us...

eBay..Everyday Golf Store... or check just go to...

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Please help us get the word out to your friends who play golf.  We have clubs for men & women along with some really great accessories.

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