Saturday, April 28, 2012


New favorite photo!

I am 40 weeks in this one.  I was walking the dog & looked over & caught my shadow on the side of the garage.  Quite a shadow I have these days.  And I still have it.  Due date has come & gone like I knew it would & we continue to wait for baby.

May 3rd looks to be the day though.  I am scheduled to be induced that day.  I really fought this hard in my head for a long while but have decided it may be the only way to get this baby here.  I am showing NO SIGNS at all of labor coming anytime soon & that is rare for me.  I usually have dilated a little by now but still nothing!

Surrender seems to be the theme of my days lately.  I found some synonyms for the word & didn't like what I read, but when it comes to my relationship with Christ surrender is exactly what I need to be doing anyway.

Giving up is the one synonym that really jumped out at me.

Giving up my plans.

My plans for this birth.
My plans for our family.
My plans for how long we will live with family.
My plans for my children.

And my list continues to grow.

I don't have specific scripture to use as an example but I know it is in there & will one day do a more appropriate post on this.
It hasn't been easy getting to this point.  It has been a learning process about myself & of course revealed so much to me about the mercy of my God.  I'm not ready yet, but I hope someday soon to be able to put this down in a much better way that can be of some encouragement & help to someone else.

In the mean time I would appreciate your prayers.  Prayers for a safe & quick delivery (hopefully very soon) & continued prayers for our family as we wait on God's perfect timing in letting us all live back together again.