Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Phonics Freebies using 100 EZ Lessons

Over the years I have found that one of the easiest & pain-free ways to teach my kids to read is to use the book,Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessonsalso known to other home school moms as the "100 EZ Lessons" book.

But one of my frustrations was that to reinforce what they were learning, they needed to practice the sounds more & practice writing them a lot and there were no resources that were available that I knew about.  We usually just made our own flash cards and then the company came up with some.  Our handwriting practice consisted of me writing it down while they watched and then they copied what I wrote.

This morning, I found a FREE treasure on DonnaYoung.org.  If you have homeschooled very long, you probably know of this site.  This lady has so much on her site that it would take you years to find it all AND she continues to add to it.  It is all FREE, that is the best part.

O'k, what I found was that she has created handwritng pages and other nifty little resources to reinforce the lesson in the book.  It all goes along with the EZ Lessons book.

These pages are PDF downloads & you can save them to your computer to print when you are ready.

Click here to download your own set of pages.

She has a lot of handwriting resources along with forms, lists, calendars & whatever you can think of using for home and school.

Be careful,if you have never visited Donna Young's site before, you could be there all week!  Enjoy!

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Julie said...

Hey Dana,

I was recently given this book and I can't wait to guide Jillian through it. We'll have to talk so you can give me some insight.