Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Wife Who Enriches Her Husband


My morning was not off to a good start.  I was behind and the day really had not even started yet.  I had a dozen or so things I needed to get done and then I got a text from my husband.
I need you to take my clothes to the cleaners.
One more thing on my list. Ugh!  

And if my attitude wasn’t bad enough I replied to his text.
Don’t worry, I will.  Trying to get kids up.  Need a shower. Gotta get laundry going. Need to get groceries today. Trying to keep Charlie out of the trash…but don’t worry.  Your clothes will get to the cleaners!

Oh yes…I did send that text to my poor husband who had no idea what was coming to him.  All he knew was that his clothes needed to be at the cleaners and he couldn’t take them.  He didn’t know I had a super bad attitude… until he got that text from me.


If I am to be the kind of wife that is described in this scripture, I had a lot of attitude adjusting to do.  It wasn’t my husbands fault I felt overwhelmed that day.  It was mine.
I looked up the word, “enrich”.
Enrich is to make fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding. (
This is part of my ministry to my husband…to make his life with me meaningful, rewarding and fuller.  When I let my attitude get nasty I am doing the complete opposite. 

I’m not saying I need to ignore my own emotions in order to make my husband’s life wonderful. But, if my emotions are creating reactions ,like my text message, that are rude & unfair then those emotions are not productive. I need to deal with them, not share them or push them onto him.

I love this verse, because it says as his wife I have the potential to greatly enrich his life and that is what I desire. I am learning to keep my own attitude in check.  I’m learning to guard my mouth (& text messages).  I’m learning to remember that my husband doesn’t ask much of me at all and if all he needs is for me to take his clothes to the cleaners then that is my priority that day.

So, what can I do today to greatly enrich his life?

I think that is a great question to ask yourself.  If you aren’t sure, ask your husband.  I bet he will have some idea’s.