Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Stuff for Valentines Day

This is Valentines Week! 

That means for the kids we get to do some fun stuff for school.  At least I hope we do.   Now we are dealing with the flu.  We’ll see who is well enough to play this week.

In the past we have tried to a special dinner as a family for Valentines Day, but since my kids are scattered out & the ones who are here are sick that won’t happen this year.  So we will find other ways to celebrate the love of God this week.  The world uses Valentines Day to recognize our love for each other and that is great, but I tried to make Valentines Day about more than that.  I tried to make it about the amazing love God has for us.  Until you really understand this love, it won’t matter much to you or to your kids.

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I wanted to share with you a few things that I hope will make your week a little more fun.

Free Copy Work Download (Click picture)


Free Printable Valentines (click picture)


Everything you need for Valentines Day

Easy Heart Stamps…great for toddlers

Check out Pinterest for some great idea’s!


Enjoy your week!!!