Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God's Grip is Tighter Than Mine

It's been a tough week.  That would explain why I have blogged so much.  My whole schedule is out of wack so I am taking advantage of the time and sharing with you what all is going on.

This has been a hard week on my momma emotions.  I have been pressed to the edge and wanted to fall off, but I didn't. 

Morgan is camping in Colorado with friends.  I really miss her. I know she is having a great time though.

Gracie is at camp.  Yes, she is still there.  So, I am hoping that means she is having a fantastic week!

This morning Scott & I took Sarah to the airport.  She is in the air right now as I type, flying from Atlanta to Dublin, Ireland.  According to my "Fly Delta" app she has 6 hours and 27 minutes left in her flight. 

I was doing great this morning until we got to the airport and them my momma emotions began swelling up.  I pressed them down as long as I could. 

Sarah, getting ready to go through security.
Once she was through security, turned and waved at us the pressing down of emotions was not happening anymore.  She turned & walked towards her gate, we turned and walked to our car with me crying the whole way.  This girl has so much faith, confidence and love for adventure; I admire her greatly because I have none of that.

I'm worried.  There.  I said it.  I'm worried something will happen and we won't be there to protect her.  I'm worried she will miss her flight. And my list of worries kept building.

She calls me this afternoon during her layover in Atlanta to tell me she got lost trying to get to the International terminal.  See God!  I told you she doesn't need to travel alone.

She's not alone.

She text me to say the flight is delayed, now she is going to miss her train to Galway.  God, really?  Can't you make this go smoother for her?

I've got it all under control.  She isn't alone.

She calls me an hour after her flight was supposed to leave to tell me they are on the plane, but they can't take off.  They sat there for almost an hour.  Ok God, please make a way for this plane to safely take her to Dublin.

She belongs to me and I am holding her tightly.  Trust me.

On the plane, waiting to take off.
The Lord reminded me many times that he has gone before Sarah.  Yes, she planned everything out, booked her tickets, arranged for friends to pick her up, but the Lord went before her and it is His plans that will be accomplished.  We don't know why her plane was delayed so long, but I know Sarah, she trusts that it is all for a very good reason and isn't worried.  She knows who is in control of her trip and isn't her!

But my momma emotions really got in the way today and I almost missed out on seeing my daughter rise to the occasion and display tremendous strength and wisdom.

Tonight in our Bible Study, I heard Lysa TerKeurst say,
When we praise God in the midst of our difficulties it positions us to see and experience Him in a most amazing way.
I love that!  When I am praising God, I am walking in confidence that He has gone before me and He is in everything, holding it all together.  I get to experience his power, faithfulness and unbelievable love.

So, I am going to bed tonight praying Sarah will get to sleep on the plane & hoping the 11 yr old boy sitting by her sleeps also. I'm praying Gracie sleeps really well at camp & doesn't wish for a moment she could come home.  I'm praying for Morgan  will remember in her dreams that she is loved deeply by her God. I will rest knowing my kids are well taken care of even if I am not there, God holds them tightly. His grip is tighter than mine.

My kids are really Gods' kids and I'm glad to be reminded that He has gone before all of them and will draw them to him so that He may be glorified!  All I have to do is trust him.