Monday, December 17, 2012

Praying for Connecticut

I have tried to avoid news coverage.  I scrolled past Facebook posts.  I turned the radio station…again. 

The horrific shooting in Connecticut last week was just too much for this momma to take.  What monster could look at a child and take their life and do it over and over again?

I haven’t allowed myself to cry, though the tears are certainly there, ready to flow. It is just too much.

“…by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.” Proverbs 15:13

What these parents are dealing with today seems so unfair. No parent should ever out live their child. No parent should ever have to identify their child’s dead body. But it happens.  In fact it happens everyday, it just doesn’t get on the news. We live in a world of evil and wickedness.

Mothers across the world were united in their rage, grief and dismay. We all felt numb when we heard what happened, then we felt extremely saddened and now we are mad! How dare this young man take the lives of children into his own hands!

I often found myself in a conversation with God…

“Oh Heavenly Father, what have you allowed to happen? What was going on in the mind of this young man to walk in a school and shoot young children and their teachers?  We will never understand will we?

Oh Lord, hold tightly the parents of these precious ones.  Numb their emotions.  I just can’t imagine the pain, agony, aching feeling these  parents are experiencing.  I can’t imaging how difficult it is to see the Christmas gifts for children that will not be there to open them. I can’t imagine the empty bedrooms and quiet backyards.  I can’t imagine the silence at dinner time or in the car going to school. Lord, I just can’t imagine.”

As I listen to my kids arguing I pray…“Lord, thank you that today, I still have my children here to argue together.”

When I trip over their shoes… “Lord, thank you that I still have shoes to trip over.”

When they run through the kitchen wondering when dinner will be ready…”Lord, thank you that my children will all be here for dinner.”

Lord, I pray this horrific tragedy will draw these parents & families to you.  I pray they seek you for strength and comfort.  I pray they will experience you in a way that cannot be explained. I know that what the enemy meant for harm, you meant for good & I know that in this you will be glorified.  I know your name will be praised.  Have mercy on the hurting hearts as they search for answers to this.  Help me to never take for granted the days you give me with my children, for I know their days belong to you.

In spite of this help us to never forget that you are still…


Sunday, December 16, 2012