Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a quick update.

I haven't written anything since May. I can't believe it has been that long, but things have been really busy & there just hasn't been much time to blog. So I thought I would give you a quick update on what all has been keeping us busy.

June came in with an invitation to Scott to participate in a 2 year project with the company he has been working catastrophic claims with since 2011. He accepted & began work in mid June. The drive is long & so are the hours, but we are so thankful for the income. But we really miss him not being here. We look forward to the weekends when he is home. This job has been my first true hope of us being able to get back on our feet & move into our own house eventually. This coming November will be 3 years since we had to move.

Scott has been helping me with my Young Living business, so when he went back to work & had to get used to working solo and that has taken quite a bit of adjustment for me. This is my job now. I officially call myself a "Work at Home Mom". I am excited to be earning enough income to cover many of our bills each month & cover the Young Living products we need.  You can visit out "oily" website to see why I love doing what I do.  I am teaching classes, meeting with moms and helping people find a natural way to improve their health.

July brought us an exciting announcement. Josh & his girlfriend, Chelsea are getting married.  We really like Chelsea & have enjoyed the time we have been able to spend with her & are so excited to have her in our family. The wedding is August 23! Yikes!!! 

The rest of the summer has been full of church camp, family reunions, swimming & sleeping late.

We are starting school back tomorrow simply because these kids need some routine in their day & I need routine also! I don't even have all of their school books yet, but that is what the internet & a printer is good for. :)