Below area few topics that I have already spoke on to other groups.  These seem to be the ones most asked for.  But I am not limited to these topics.  If you are interested in having me speak to your group please contact me so that we can discuss the needs of your group.  I am more than happy to custom write a new talk, it means that the Lord will teach me something new and  increase my knowledge.  I’m always game for that!  I love studying His Word.

Womens & Mother’s Groups

~Finding Joy in Sticky Floors - The life of a mom is messy, stinky and often lonely.  Our days are full of caring for our children, managing our homes and work, either inside the home or outside.  There is joy in motherhood, but it often gets drowned out by the messiness.  Dana shares with you what true joy is and how you can live in it even on those bad days.

~Where is Your Joy- Dana's story.  How she overcame depression as a result of a serious car accident.  Dana learned what it meant to find strength in the Joy of the Lord and choose His joy over her own sorrow. (45 min talk)
~Getting your God Time In - Busy. Busy. Rush. Rush.  We live in a society of take out dinners and express lane shopping, because we are in a rush.  Dana, mother of 10, will share with you ways to get your God Time into your already busy schedule and why we need that time with God so badly. (30 minute workshop)
~  The Role of the Christian Wife and Mother – Understanding our roles according to scripture.  What kind of wife and mother did God create us to be?  It isn’t what society says it is.  Learn how to balance your roles, not juggle them. (30 minute workshop or 45 minute talk)