Monday, November 14, 2005

No Babies in the House

Today is Gracie's first birthday. You would think that after doing this 8 times before it wouldn't effect me, but I feel a bit of sadness at the fact they she won't be called a baby anymore.

How quickly time passes. It seems like yesterday that I was sitting here at the computer with Gracie on the boppy nursing in my lap while I checked email. Now she is taking steps and waving bye-bye & showing her precious personality. What a joy she is to all of us.

It is so hard for friends and family to understand why Scott & I have chosen to have such a large family. To be honest we never dreamed it would be SO large, but how blessed we feel. We know that we are not "normal" according to societies standards but people don't seem to understand that we are not aiming for approval from society. We are only seeking approval from our Lord Jesus. He is who we are accountable to, not the world. The comments we hear are still hard to listen to at times, but there are so many who are actually persecuted in the name of Christ that the comments we receive are nothing more than flicks on the soul.

We know that God's purpose for the church is so huge that we cannot even comprehend. And we are only but a small speck in that purpose. And what an honor for God to allow us to raise 9 (so far) of his future leaders. What an amazing ministry Scott & I have as we train and nurture our children in the admonition of the Lord.

So each new baby we are given is a true blessing and gift from the Lord. And as each one celebrates a birthday we celebrate the abundant life that God gives us each day.

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