Thursday, January 25, 2007

Did You Do School Today?

"Did you get your school work done?"

How many times have you been asked that question or asked it yourself? It is asked of me more than enough. Usually coming from a non-homeschooling friend or relative. We even have a kid across the street from us that asks my boys all the time if they did school that day.

What is school work in your house? Is it only workbooks, math videos, phonics or drills? Or is school life itself?

A few months ago my family had the pleasure of attending a political rally a few days before election day. We took our 7 older kids and the baby of course since he is still nursing. We had a blast. The kids saw many really important political figures including President Bush. That was the best part. After the rally we were faced with the rudeness of protesters. My kids were totally shocked at the things these people said about their president. It paved the way for some really great conversation. The whole night was great!

Then a few days later the kids & I attended a special Veteran's Day program at our church. My son spoke with two World War 2 veterans. He loved it. He told them about his grandpa who was in the Air Force during Vietnam & his 3 great-grandfathers who served during WW2.

That week, we didn't crack open one book but we learned more than any book could have taught us. We did pick up a pencil & write about what we saw, so that we coul remember it better. Does that count for school? You bet!

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