Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bumbo the Flying Buffalo

We have began collecting funny saying that Gracie spits out during the day. She is really full of them lately. We decided to keep adding on to our list here as she spits new ones out.


  • Sarah found Gracie & Sam digging in her purse one day. She asked Gracie what she was doing. Gracie answered, "I'm looking for a kleenex because Sam just bless-you'd all over my stuff." Translation: bless you'd = sneeze.
  • When asked what Gracie was watching on TV she answered, "Bumbo the flying buffalo" Translation; Dumbo the flying elephant.
  • She crawled up in mommy's lap and asked "I want some birthday kisses." So mommy kissed her all over & then gave gave her a zerbert(strawberry) on her cheek to which she commented, "and birthday spits".
  • Gracie got a doll house for her birthday. We had bought it from a friend & with it came some furniture & people. We also bought her some more people & furniture. We didn't pay attention that we had bought her another set of parents. When Scott's mom came over one day Gracie had to show Mamaw the doll house. Mamaw asked, "does the baby have a daddy?" To which Gracie answered, "she has 2 daddies!" So we have a politically correct doll family & didn't know it.
  • As her sisters were going out the door to go to the store for me, Gracie follows then saying, "Can I go? I need to go to the potty!" What child doesn't need to go potty in the store, our's insist on going to the store so she can go potty.

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