Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Little Big Birthday Girl

Today is Gracie's 5th birthday.  She is the youngest girl at the end of 4 boys.  When we found out we were pregnant with a girl, I was in total shock!  I had not had a girl in 10 years & never thought I would see little pink bows and baby dolls in my house again.

Gracie is all girl, but can run with the boys also.  We joke that she has a purse that she keeps her hotwheels in.  When the brothers go to spend the night with Mamaw, Gracie goes with them.  She the brothers jump on the trampoline, Gracie jumps with them.  When Gracie wants to play baby dolls she makes the brothers play with her.  LOL!

Gracie is a strong willed little girl, but has a sweet heart & spirit.  She takes care of her little brother Sam (even though he is as big as she is).  She is a petite little girl with a very big voice. :)  She keeps us laughing and amazes us with her wit.

Happy Birthday  Baby Girl!

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