Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Days of Excellent in Every Way

As a mom, I know that I focus too much on all the wrong things my kids do and miss out on all the right things they do. I get frustrated with chores not done or with their disobediance. When I only see their sin, I miss out on the blessing that my children really are.

Genesis 1:31 says, "Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way." (NLT)

I love how that is worded, "excellent in every way".... Our children are excellent in every way, in spite of how they act at times. They were made in Gods' image and he said his creation is excellent.

Do you think your kids are excellent? I know that there are many times that I don't see them as excellent.  They are stinky, disobediant, loud, stinky...did I mention stinky? :)  Anyway, I know my kids are great!  I know they are obediant & respectful, but many times I just miss it.

Years ago, the Lord impressed on me the importance of letting my kids know that I think they are excellent. I began making a special effort in showing my kids either by my words or my actions that I think they are wonderful!

So, I want to invite you to participate with me in 30 Days of Excellent in Every Way in September.

This is what you do, if you want to join me. For the month of September:

1. In your daily prayer time ask God to show you ways in which your kids are excellent. If you are like me, you may have a child that is more difficult than others. This is the child that you need really need to focus on. Pray for that child & ask God to show you how that child is excellent.

2. Keep a journal if you like of what the Lord shows you about your kids. If you have a blog, blog about it & send me your link!

3. At least once a day, post an status on facebook(if you are on facebook) about how one of your children was excellent. Don't use their name if you don't want to, especially if they are on face book.

4. Invite your friends. Ask your mom friends to join us.  Grab my button if you want to.

5. Use excellent words with your children. Tell them when you catch them doing something wonderful. Compliment them. Build them up with your positive, encouraging words!

"Sam, you are so good at setting the table, thank you!"
"Robin, the way you color that page makes me feel as though the picture will jump right out at me!"
"Fred, thank you so speaking so kindly to your little sister."

I am inviting you to do this with me to keep me accountable! Plus I can't wait to see how the Lord moves in my heart towards my attitude toward my children.  If you choose to join in with me, let me know!  There is also an event on Facebook, so if you are on facebook join us there.

I had a mom tell me this morning that she already knows that when she praises her kids, they are more obediant & respectful. She is looking forward to what God will do in their family in September.  I am too!

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