Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tech-Free Snow Day

We are expecting snow again tomorrow & ridiculously bitter cold weather.  I can already sense the panic rising in moms on Facebook  & Twitter today.  People are stocking up on food and Redbox video's.  Since we homeschool, we will still do our school lessons & then go play.  Hopefully it won't stay on the ground as long as it did last time.  I still have snow in the shady corners of our yard from last week!

So, what do we do if we are stuck inside again with our kids (oh perish the thought!)?  I have a few idea's.

  1. Read a good book. 
  2. Act out the book you just read.
  3. Make up your own story. Draw pictures to illustrate it.  Act it out.
  4. Bake a cake and eat it instead of eating lunch!
  5. Make homemade play-dough.
  6. Play dress up!  Let your kids use your clothes!
  7. Play store. If you have a printer that is also a copier, make copies of your paper money.  Let the kids "shop" in the pantry.  So much fun!  My kids learned how to make change like this.
  8. Decorate t-shirts.  You can buy t-shirts super cheap at craft stores & the fabric markers.  Make a shirt that says,"I survived the winter of 2011!"
  9. Play hide & go seek in the house.  Kids hide while you take a nap. (kidding)
  10. If all that is done & there is still time left, pop popcorn, make hot cocoa & snuggle in together to watch a movie.
I encourage you to grab every opportunity to make memories with your children, enjoy your time with them.  Tomorrow they will be making plans to leave your home...cherish today!

Moms of Faith had 101 Idea's that I thought were great to pass on.