Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it Really Worth It?

Are you tired?  I am too!

This mom stuff is so daily!  Everyday my kids want to eat.  They want to wear clean clothes (well, some of them).  They even want me to sit down with them & play a game or listen to them read to me! They demand so much of me!

In addition to their expectations of me, they fight & argue.  They have problems for me to help them solve.

And if I remotely care what the Lord thinks about me as a mom I have their hearts in my hand as I walk with them daily and must seek His guidance.

This is too much!

Ok, I am being extremely sarcastic, but there is a lot of honest feelings there too.  I have days when I am just not up to the MOM title.

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! Psalm 126:5

So much of what I do as a mom seems to be done in doubt as to if it is even worth it.
Is anyone listening to me?  Does anyone even notice that dinner is hot rather than cold?  Does anyone noticed that I sat for 2 hours matching that giant basket of socks?
Did anyone hear our Bible lesson on being kind & compassionate?

They don't always see me when I am praying for them.  They don't hear my conversations with the Lord about them (that is a good thing.).

Many of my tears have been shed out of worry that my kids will grow up to be total losers.  OK, loser is a strong word. but you know what I mean.  Does anything I do really matter?

I love Psalm 126:5.  It is my reminder that all of this is worth it!  Motherhood is so hard.  It is daily work.  You don't get a break.  But this verse reminds me, even though I may be sowing in tears, one day I will reap with shouts of joy!

The heart of my kids is worth every tear I shed when I know that they are walking in the truth of Jesus Christ.  But I can't forget that it is when my own heart is focused on my God that I can then be an example & impression on my children.  God's grace & mercy runs thick in mothers & for that I am so thankful.

I'm still tired.  I still have days I don't want to do this.  But thank goodness I'm not in this alone!  Even when I fail, my God is there.