Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank you!

First I just have to thank those of you who have emailed & let me know you are praying for our family while we walk this most difficult road.  You really have no idea how much that means to us.  On those really difficult days I have asked the Lord if he hears your prayers, he must because I can feel myself being lifted above all of this.  I still wake up some mornings wondering if all of this is real.

I just thought I would give you a brief update on us.  We really are doing OK.  It is still hard living away from my husband and older kids, but we go back & forth a lot so we never really go more than a week or so without seeing each other.  Thank goodness for unlimited texting & Facebook!

25 weeks
I am 28 weeks along now so my prenatal appointments are every 2 weeks as long as my doctor doesn't find another reason to have me come in or another doctor to see.  Since I am 40 years old & have had so many babies that puts me in the high risk category so I get to have sono's done by a high risk doctor to make sure our little bundle of boy is growing right...which he is.

Originally, our oldest daughter was living with Scott & our 19 & 17 yr old daughters were living with a friend from church.  We thought this would work better so Ashley could help to take her brothers to work since her sisters don't have their driving license yet.  Quickly, I figured out that our 17 yr old, Morgan really needed to be with me or her dad.  Since I am so far away & she has multiple commitments in our church we knew she needed to be with her dad.  I prayed the Lord would work this out & he has. Ashley got a new job as a live in nanny and moved in with the family last week. Now Morgan has moved in with her dad and very happy to sleep on a couch and share a bathroom with her dad.  It never ceases to amaze me how my kids really do want to be with their parents no matter how uncomfortable things may be.

In addition to the scripture the Lord continues to use to strengthen my spirit, he is also using 2 blogs to encourage me & help me keep things in perspective.

A Holy Experience comes to my inbox & Ann Voscamp's words never cease to amaze me.  She doesn't know me personally, but the Lord has used her blog posts on so many occasion's to encourage me.

holy experience

The other blog is that of a friend. Her blog helps me to keep my days in perspective.  I am living without my husband most of the time & missing him terribly, but I can pick up the phone & hear his voice anytime I want to.  My friend can't. She lost her husband right before Christmas & she continues to blog very honestly about what her days are like trying to go on with 3 small children.  I can't get through most of her posts without crying, but it doesn't stop me from reading.  Mary writes at Grasshopper Momma and I highly encourage you to check her blog out.

Thanks for the prayers, thoughts & emails.  I am continually blessed by my readers!