Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sam kissing Baby
I think this is my favorite picture so far.  Sam is my youngest(so far) & is so excited there is a baby coming, he kisses my belly all the time.

I am 38 weeks today.  Won't be long now. I can feel my body getting ready.  The baby has dropped which has now allowed me to breath better, but the trade off is walking is more difficult & trips to the bathroom are hourly. :o)

Slowly, I am getting things ready for the baby.  We are all so ready to see this new little family member!

God has been so patient with me during these past 4-5 months & in his mercy has brought several friends up beside me who have reminded me of who I am in Christ and who He is in my life.  They have spoke straight to me without worry of how I will feel about them afterwards.  What a blessing they have been!

One day, I can share with you all the Lord is teaching me.  Not sure how many books it will take to get it all down, but the lessons are abundant!