Friday, August 5, 2016

Are You Moving?


I can hear you groaning already.

I've never been a good example of exercise. I'm still not!  So, I just want to put this out there now. I am not writing about how I have it all down and am not an expert on the importance of daily movement. Nope. I'm not there. But, I am working on it, because I have not only realized the importance of it, I have experienced the amazing benefits of it.

Last year, Scott had decided he was done being fat. He almost weighed 300 lbs, more than he had ever weighed in his life. We were already working on cleaning up our diet, but he knew that the missing factor in his weight loss was exercise. So, he began getting up early and walking. It wasn't long before he was walking over 2 miles a day, 6 days a week and the weight was coming off.

Then we went to the Young Living convention in August. The Young Living Foundation had a 5k fundraiser. He bought us entries. What? I can't walk a 5k!!  But, it was for a great cause, so I did it. And do you know what happened? I survived! I felt good! That night I knew I had to join my husband and begin walking with him.

So, every evening we would walk together. Sometimes our kids would join us. And that was fun. But something began to happen that I didn't expect.
I began feeling better.
I slept better.
My moods were better.
My clothes got too big. (OK, that one I was hoping for)
I got a lot more serious about taking care of myself.

30 minutes a day. That is all it took!

Walking is easy and free! You don't need any special equipment or gym memberships. You just need a good pair of shoes and ground to walk on or a treadmill. It is a good place to start if you aren't doing anything.

Don't walk alone! It is a lot more fun to walk with a partner.

It is time to get moving! Make it important! You will never regret it!