Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Decorating for Fall

Before September is even over we begin to see Fall decorations in the stores.  Actually, I saw some already on clearance in one particular store in July!  October marks the beginning of "holiday season" for the stores.

For our family is it just October. We do not celebrate Halloween in our family, but I do love decorating for Fall.  We leave all the spookies out & enjoy treating our home to a little extra care as we pull out our Fall decorations.

I especially love to decorate with the "fruits of the season".  Pumpkins, gourds, corn, etc...can be found as decorations, centerpieces or front porch treasures.

I found some new decorating ideas on the Better Homes and Garden's website that I hope we can try this year.  These idea's use pumpkins of all kinds.  You don't have to make a pumpkin scary, you can make it fun and welcoming with just a little bit of creativity.

 Stack pumpkins of all sizes on top of each other & paint your house number on them.  Makes for a simple & very fun front porch decoration.

Hollow out a gourd or pumpkin and put Mum's or other Fall type flowers in it.  What a great center piece for a table!

This looks so fun!  Here are the instructions for creating Polka Dot Pumpkins.  Your kids can help you do this one.

Instead of painting scary faces, paint fun designs on a pumpkin.

These are simple, but fun ways to decorate your home for the Fall season. I know that when my home begins to take on the look of Fall then usually my cooking does to.  Hopefully next week I will share with you some of my favorite Fall recipes.  You will find out that I have a thing for pumpkins.  I like them as decorations & as a meal.  So stay tuned!

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