Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: Prelude to a Blog

Blogging has taken the internet by storm, growing to be the most popular way to share your convictions, stories or family updates.  I began blogging about our family in 2005 and it has come a long way since then.  Now you see people of all ages and types blogging about just about anything.

In a Prelude to a Blog, SisterLisa, of the blog, HomeSpun Life, explains to parents how to help their children get off to a good and safe start in the world of blogging.  She gives very detailed and careful instructions as how to start a blog.

I found that this was not just helpful in helping my children start a blog, but also for me as a blogger.  Her instructions were clear, precise and very informative. I learned a lot about blogging from reading her book.

This book is very practical and helpful for the new blogger who is wanting to take their blog to the next level. She has screen shots included that help in explaining in creating links.

She concludes her book with a pledge to "Blog with Grace". 

I highly recommend that you purchase her eBook, Prelude to a Blog.  She has it available as a download on her blog, HomeSpun Life  for $6.95.

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