Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

We had a really busy weekend, but a really good one.
Friday we packed up the van & headed East.  My parents live about 1.5 hours east of us in the big little town of Ben Wheeler, TX.  It is always a nice get away for us from the business of our normal lives.  If we are lucky we can't get cell phone service or internet. :o)

My grandfather has lived with my parents for several years & just recently moved into a nursing home.  While it was a really hard thing to do for my mom, she knew it was time.  My Pop is doing really good & we enjoyed getting to see him.  He has Alzheimer's and doesn't remember who we are anymore, but what old person doesn't like little kids hugging on them?  He loved it!
My Grandfather, "Pop", his daughter(my mom), his grand-daughter(me);  & 2 of his great-grandchildren(Sam & Ben)

Ben is our super affectionate boy & he has always loved on Pop the most.  Pop's big smile say's it all!  
 After we visited Pop, Scott & I took Josh (16 yrs) to SKY Ranch in Van.  My brother, John, has worked there for several summers & was able to get Josh a scholarship to their leadership camp that is up in Colorado!  We were so excited for Josh to have this opportunity.  We dropped him off at the main camp in Van & Sunday night he loaded a bus with several other campers & they drove all night & arrived at Ute Trail Monday afternoon. They will have a lot of fun white water rafting, hiking & sleeping under the stars in between their Bible studies.  For 3 days they will go to Denver & work with an inner-city ministry for the homeless. Then he is on the bus again & headed back for home.

Scott & I then joined the rest of the gang at my parents former church for their annual 4th of July celebration.  We always have a lot of fun and enjoy the fellowship.  We played games, ate lot's of good food & when the sun went down, we watched a really great fireworks show done by guys from the church. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th!

It was hot & humid, but we still had fun!  Me, Scott, Sarah & Gracie.

Austin & his sparkler

Collin being goofy!  He loves fire!

Morgan & Collin.  Collin is the little brother, but not in size anymore!

 Sam did a lot of bug catching while at my parents house.  But his true prize for the weekend were his "wormies" as he calls them.  He was so proud of them & when he woke up the next morning, his first words to me were, "Where are my wormies?"

Sam just couldn't last any longer & crashed soon after we got home on the floor with his wormies.

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