Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Darkness of Twilight

I rarely post about current events.  But, I found an article that I really wanted to share with you. 

For a few years now I have watched a book series become an obsession among teen's & preteens.  Anytime I see people take on an obsessive behavior over something like a movie or book it really bothers me.  Why not take that obsession you are wasting on the media and direct towards the Bible?  Well, the Bible doesn't feed our fleshly desires the way the media does.  The Bible makes our flesh uneasy because it is instead feeding our Spirit.

When I heard about this series I naively thought that Christians would hear "vampires" & see the dangers in allowing their children to read the books.  Then I heard about the sensuality in the books & thought, "Surely parents will not let their young kids read these books."  I was wrong. In fact, the parents are not only letting their kids read them, but they are just as crazy about them as their kids are!  I see moms' Facebook status's about going to the movies to see the latest feature as if they were going to see Jesus Christ himself.
It bother's me that most who read these books seem to become obsessed with them.   They can just read them, they become emotionally involved with Bella & what will she do next. Even a reviewer for Focus on the Family found himself emotionally involved with the books as he read from a critical view point. Rarely do we come across a person who has this type of obsession for the Scriptures. 

Anyway, I have wanted to post about the Twilight series for a while, but I didn't want to read the books & had not taken the time to read any reviews yet. Then my friend Laura posted this article on Facebook this morning & once I read it I knew this would speak way more volume's concerning Twilight than I ever could.

Read Sue Bohlin of Probe Ministries article, "The Darkness of Twilight"

As Christian parents, our responsibility to our children is to teach them to view everything they encounter through Biblical eyes.  I truly believe that if you read these books from a biblical point of view the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the dangers of this series of books.  What you do with it from then on is up to you.

That is just my opinion.

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