Monday, June 28, 2010

Home, Safe & Sound

Summer is here is full force.  It is almost July & things are already busy busy.  Scott & Collin went to Memphis for a mission trip a few weeks ago(pictures coming soon I hope).  They were home about a week before Collin & Sarah left with our youth group to go to Estes Park, CO. 
This is an annual trip that the Jr. High group makes every year.  It is always a blast!
Sarah served on the Jr. High Leadership team this year and as a thank you for all their hard work, they are invited to stay in CO for an extended trip. They always go hiking & white water rafting.  Ashley went on this trip last year & had great time.
This year was no different, they all had fun.  But this year was different.  Our trust in God's protection was tested a bit.

During Sarah's rafting trip, their boat was t-boned by another boat & everyone went over board into the river.  Sarah & one other lady got caught under the boat that t-boned them.  They made it out o'k, and swam down stream a bit until another boat could pick them up.
It was a bit scary.  Sarah was pretty shook up for a while, especially when she realized the true danger they were in.  Once it was all over & they were back on shore, she realized that they were only in the water for a very short while, but it still felt like forever.

 Here is a picture of Sarah a few hours after her swim in the river.  She is smiling, but my mother's eye see's fear & anxiousness in her eyes.

 I love this picture of Sarah!  Her eyes are bright like normal & she has her camera in her hand like normal.   I think she took a picture of every animal they saw.  I didn't post those pics. I didn't think you had the time to look at ALL of them. :o)  This was taken their last day in Estes Park.

Here is the whole Jr High Leadership group.  These are Juniors & Seniors.  They worked together all year often with Jr. High kids by their side on various projects.  They organized games & activities for the kids while at camp.  They displayed a Christ like character, suitable for the younger kids to follow. Besides all of that, they have fun together & love serving the Lord together.

I'm just glad to have Sarah home. Yes, the rafting accident was scary, but it reminded us that our children are not our own, they really belong to the Lord and he does an excellent job taking care of them.

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