Saturday, June 5, 2010

SOS in Memphis, TN

For the 3rd year we are sending one of our kids on the SOS mission trip.  SOS is an inner-city ministry in Memphis, TN.  The Jr.High department in our church has participated in their ministry for many years by sending a group of kids.
Last year, Scott was asked to go with Morgan's group because they needed another driver and male adult leader. He had so much fun & couldn't wait to go again this year.  Collin is going with him this time.

Collin has heard from Sarah & Morgan how much fun it was & what a great experience.

When they arrive, they are divded up into groups.  They work in those groups all week.  Last year, our kids worked on roofs.  It was hard.  It was hot. It was wonderful (they said).  We aren't sure what they will be doing this year.
They didn't just work, they also get to have some fun.  Here is a pic of Scott & Morgan at Graceland.

Our kids love doing things for others.  Through mission trips we have seen our older kids develop a love for the Lord through serving others.  Last year Sarah went to Alaska and Ashley went to the Appalachia's in Kentucky.  Both worked hard, got dirty, but came back rejuvenated in their relationship with the Lord.  They begin months before their trips raising money.  We are always amazed at how the Lord provides the money for them to go.  This year is no exception.
In October, Sarah & Ashley have an opportunity to go to Galway, Ireland with a group from our church.  They are so excited!  And the best news is that they have already raised almost half of their money needed!  God is so cool!

If you would like to help our girls go to Ireland, you can go to our ministry site & donate via PayPal.  Visit LSM-Outreach and see what our family is doing to help share the gospel of Christ with others.

We would also appreciate prayers for the Stonebriar group heading to Memphis very early on Sunday morning.  Pray for their safety & for no injuries or illness during the time they are in Memphis.

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