Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a Wife & Mom

Over 4 years ago I decided to step out & act on a passion I had for moms.  I decided to share my story with others.  Not just a story of my past, but my story.  The story I felt the Lord had given me to encourage others & hopefully create in them a desire to know the Lord deeper.  The story that the Lord had allowed me to experience, live through and finally come to a place where I wanted to tell others about.

I spoke to a few groups, but not many.  Scott & I began talking about how to put the ministry out there, promote it...whatever you do when you want others to know that you want to speak.  Scott & I felt that we had a plan, a good plan.  We were ready to go & were excited to see what the Lord had in store for us.  The morning after we discussed our plans in detail I got the phone call asking me to lead Mom2Mom.  Coincidence? There is no such thing.  The Lord's timing is perfect.  Of course I said yes to lead the ministry.  It was an opportunity that the Lord used in a mighty way to stretch me & grow me deeper in Him.

So now here I am 2 months post-Mom2Mom.  I think my brain has recovered from the frantic schedule I had.  I have a new routine.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  Kids.  Laundry.  No more appointments, meetings, hours of email & phone calls to sift through.  Just life as a mom & house wife and I'm wondering if that is all there is to me now.  Not that being a mom & wife doesn't keep me busy & isn't a ministry within itself.  It is!  It is a huge ministry!  But did the 2 years leading & coordinating that huge ministry for moms equip me to be a better mom or is there more to it?

I created a real website, not just a blog.  I call it my ministry website dedicated to ministering to moms.  It's still a work in progress, I'm still adding things every week to it.  But it is my official way of saying, I want to share my story with you if you want to listen. I have a short 5 min audio of one of my recent talks I did for the Mom2Mom Bible study. I plan to put downloads to print on it that will be useful to moms seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.
Click on my button below to take a look at it.  I'm not a web designer, but it will do until I can hire one.


Scott & I are trying to work on a few things together. One is a book based on Proverbs 22.  Also, we are putting together a study we will do with our kids first before we try to get it published on the Ten Commandments.  One day, I will take one of the many outlines I have written and actually turn it into a book.  But until then, I will focus on where God has put me.  At home, with my family.  It's a good place to be and I love it.  I am also keeping my heart and mind open to whatever God wants me to do.  Maybe it will be to prepare my children to go out & preach the Word.  If that is my purpose in this life on earth, I can't think of a better purpose!

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