Monday, October 18, 2010

Pray for my girls

Our home is all a buzz right now.  My 2 oldest children, Ashley & Sarah are flying out with a team from our church for Ireland on Wednesday afternoon.  They will be leading in a retreat for families & a VBS in Galway. They have been planning & saving for this trip for over a year.  They are so excited to get this opportunity to go & we are so excited for them.

I would appreciate your prayers for my girls.  I'm not nervous about them going so far, they are going with a great group of adults.  This also is not their first trip like this.  Sarah & Ashley have been on mission trips far away before.  I am excited for them.  It is something I have always wanted to do, go to Ireland, land of my ancestors.

I'm so proud of my girls.  Ashley is 19 & loves the Lord and desires to share his love with others.  She is a natural with children and looks forward to leading in the VBS.  Sarah is 18 and has had a deep desire to go as far from home as possible to share the gospel with others for a long time.  She has organized the VBS program, that will be done in Galway, while babysitting, doing her school work & still volunteering at church.  It has been a stressful few weeks in preparing, but my girls have done a great job!

If you would like a prayer calendar so you know how to pray for them everyday, email me & I will send it to you.

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