Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update from Ireland

Today is day 6 of the girls Ireland mission trip.  We got to skype (video messaging) with them today!  That was awesome.  I have never done that before.  Their internet connection was a little slow, but it worked well enough for us to see that they are tired, but energized by the awesome stuff going on. 

Here is a blog link of one of the ladies on the trip.  She has posted pictures and told a little of what they did on the weekend retreat.

Here is an update from the missions pastor (husband of the blog author above), Tom Hayes. He emailed us today.

Hello all-

Well, to say that our first few days have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. It seems like we were just lining up for a team photo at DFW and now we’re already past the retreat and through the first day of kids club.
We’re truly grateful for how well the retreat went.

- Jenny, Ashley, and Sarah were somehow able to not only keep all 40 children calm, but they taught them as well. It was evident from all the hugs, smiles, and tears that our three girls really connected with the children of Galway City Baptist Church.

- Katie and Kathy spent two full days cooking in a kitchen with a stove/oven combo that was not just near its’ last leg, but I think it passed its’ last leg years ago. They kept having to have the manager relight the pilot light – which added to the difficulty. After we arrived in Ireland, we heard that there would be about 100 people to be fed each day. That’s a lot of cooking and cleaning and we are thankful for their work.

- Charlton Hiott led our teaching times and delivered a personal and passionate look at the book of Jonah. His insight really helped us all to understand what a great God we serve and how much He loves us.

- A good friend from college, Nate Jones, who serves at a church in Kansas City, MO was able to join us for the trip and lead retreat in worship. His talent is only surpassed by his heart to see God alone worshipped in all of our worship services.
It really was a GREAT retreat
Today, we were able to lead our first day of kids camp. We knew that there were 24 kids registered, but on our first day, we had 41 children! They were bursting with energy and excited to be part of the camp. Once again, our team did a fantastic job in the songs, recreation, crafts, snacks, and story time. We are teaching the kids about the armor of God – hoping that they can learn to utilize the gifts that God has given to us to live out our lives for Christ in this world.

Please continue to pray for our last two days of kids club. We are all very thankful to serve, but also getting pretty worn out.
We miss you all and look forward to seeing God move and seeing your faces.

Sarah posted some pictures on Facebook today, so I took a few  of them to share with you here, but I'm having some trouble.  I will try again later.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, go to my wall.  You can see pictures there.

Once again, thanks for your prayers.

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