Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection Links

Blessed Good Friday to you!

I wanted to share some links that I am using with my children as we remember Jesus death and his resurrection.  Right click on the links to open in a new page or tab.

Suddenly One Morning is a short story written by my pastor.  It is a wonderful narrative from a shopkeepers view of what happened in Jerusalem the day Jesus was crucified.  Very moving!  It is a book, but Christian has provided it for you for free.  Just print it out.  I encourage you to get the book though.

What is so good about about Good Friday? - blog post

Resurrection Cookies tell the story.  We love doing these & it has been a few years since we did.  We will do these on Saturday night.

Resurrection Rolls is another fun way to tell the story.  No waiting on this one though.

This is an excerpt from a sermon by S.M. Lockridge called "That's My King".  I never get tired of hearing this!  One of my favorites!

I hope that you & your family experience the power of the story of Redemption this Sunday!