Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LIttle Man Play

It was just me and Sam, my 4 year old.  Ben was home, but he was busy watching a movie. Everyone else had somewhere to be tonight.   Sam asked me if I would play army guys with him upstairs in the playroom.

I'm not an "army guy" kind of person.

"Please Mom?" Sam asked  "We will have so much fun!"  And he was right.

I closed down my computer & followed my little boy upstairs.  He lead me to a table that had strategically placed army guys on it.
"This is where you are" he said as he lead me to sit down on one side of the table.

And the battle begun!

We fought the Transformers.
We fought the Rescue Heroes.
And then to top it off we fought & defeated the "Rides", which I quickly found out were all of his cars.
I tried really hard to be the best soldier I could be, but it was very obvious that I didn't have near the experience as Sam.

"Mom, that isn't how you make gun sounds!  Do this...spfh!  spfh!"

I tried, but my mouth just would do what his was doing.  He was gracious though.

"It's ok Mom, it is because you are a girl."

Oh well, I tried!  We had fun.