Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy Day Camp

We are deep in the season of summer camps.  Sarah is at her second one already.  Monday morning she along with Morgan & Ben will go to another camp.  And Collin is on his way home right now from a camp.  I'm so thankful that our church provides such great opportunities for my kids like these camps.

But just for a moment I had a thought that turned into another thought. 

I want to go to camp!

Not as a chaperone, but as a camper. 

So, I started thinking about it.  How cool that would be to have a "camp" to go where just for a little time I didn't have household duties, or taxi service or any other demands that come with being a mom.  Just for a little bit, I think it would be great to have some time to take a break.

Then I started thinking about it even more. 

What if there was a Mommy Day Camp for moms whose husbands were unemployed or under-employed?  What if there were a Mommy Day Camp that for one day, provided a mom a day off from her mommy duties and was pampered in a way she could never afford otherwise. 

                                       Breakfast & Lunch (real, not fast food)
and great fellowship with other women.

and best of all...

It's FREE!

I know, I'm dreaming.  But it's my dream.  I can't afford those things, as simple as they are & I know it would so much fun to be pampered one day.

So, I'm dreaming & praying.  I would love it if the Lord would show me how to make this happen.  I can't tell you the excitement in my heart that I have at the thought of giving this simple gift to moms who can't afford to do it themselves.  It may never happen, but a girl can dream can't she?