Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disappointed again

My hopes were high, but I was trying not to let them get too high.  I didn't want to be disappointed again.

We are needing to move.  Our lease was up in May & we are now living month to month on our lease because the landlord raised the rent that we already couldn't afford.  So, I have started packing, not knowing when or where we will go.
We have been praying for a while about moving.  We don't want to, but we want to.  Does that make sense?  We love the area we are in, but not the neighborhood and we don't like the amount we have to pay each month.  So, we are looking for a house.
I thought we had found it.  It met so many of the specific requests we had prayed.  And then I got the email this morning.
I'm sorry to have to let you know that I have chosen to rent to another family.

UGH!  Really?  But this was the house!  I just know it!  My heart sank.  I wanted to cry.  I just knew this would be our next house.  I was so disappointed!  It's ok to be disappointed when things don't work out.  Where I usually go wrong is when I sit in my disappointment & let it become more than that.  Maybe anger or resentment.  Move past the disappointment and realize that God answered my prayers. Just not the way I thought he would.

I was quickly reminded I had prayed the Lord would make it very clear if this was where he wanted us to live or not.  That email was pretty clear!
OK, so this means there is another house out there somewhere.  Maybe it just isn't available yet.

God closed this door.  Now we wait for him to open another door.

My disappointment is now relief...relief that God spared us from making a mistake. 

So, the search does the waiting.