Friday, July 15, 2011

Newest baby girl!

My friends on Facebook know, but I haven't blogged about my newest baby girl!
Months ago I had this weird desire for a puppy.  Crazy, I know!  It's not like I don't already have enough to take care of or deal with.  But I decided I wanted a puppy anyway.  I talked to my husband about it & said, "It's either a puppy or a baby".  He quickly replied with "go get a puppy".  LOL!
But, there was a catch, the puppy had to be free.  That is understandable since we don't have any money.  So, I just gave it to the Lord & said, "If you want me to have a dog, you will give me a dog." And I left it at that.  Barely thought about it again.  In my mind I had envisioned what I wanted my sweet little dog to look like. I wanted a female that was small like  Shih-tzu or Maltese with white hair.  Other than that I didn't care.
Fast forward a few months.  I get an email from a friend whose grandmother had passed away.  Her grandmother had a female Shih-Tzu and they needed to find a home for her.  She was FREE!  I emailed & text her right away..."I WANT THE DOG!"  She replied back with "LOL!"  "I'm serious" I told her.
She sent me a picture & guess what color she was....yep, you guessed it!  She was white!

The crazy thing is that her name was "Sweetie", same as our old dog.  So we renamed her Ruby Ann.  Scott always wanted a little girl named Ruby & now he has one.  LOL!
She is a crazy dog.  She is 2 yrs old so we are past the puppy stage.  We have learned that she is a pick pocket.  Her bed is under my desk (because she is never more than 3 ft away from me) and we find all kinds of things that she has taken to her bed.  One day she even took my wallet off my desk & hid it!  Another day, while I was having my devotionals in the bathroom, she ran into my closet, grabbed my bra and ran out of the bathroom with it!  Crazy dog!  I'm in love with her though!  She follows me everywhere & even sleeps on our bed.  Not sure that is a good thing though.  We may nick name her "birth control".  Can I say that here?  It's my blog so I think I can. :o)

Sam is loving on Ruby!

Princess Ruby Ann