Monday, August 27, 2012

Starting another school year

Today was the first day of school for many kids around here.  I really had not decided when we would start, but since I had all I needed for now I thought, "Why not".  Today was my 17th first day of school.

Here is what I have this year...
Morgan is a Senior
Collin is a Junior
Austin is a Freshman
Ben is 7th grade
Zachary is 5th grade
Gracie is 2nd grade
Sam is Kindergarten.

I'm at my parents house this week.  The four youngest kids are with me. Austin & Scott have been here for several days.  Ben is in Prosper so he missed out on starting his school today.

It was a mild school day to say the least.  I guess I could call it a Pinterest  school day.

First we made Gak. This blog post tells you how to do it.  Super easy! Super fun!

Then we (Zach & Gracie) had a short lesson on colors & what happens when we mix different colors together.  I found some simple color wheels to print out for them to color.  Then we made our own water color paints. I found easy direction on the Happy Hooligans Blog.

When we finished all of that I went over the books & lessons they had waiting for them in their school tubs.
And that is about all the "school" we did today.  Not really what a typical school day will look like but it's a start.

Then I had to cuddle & love on Charlie.  He loves looking at himself in the mirror.

I have had several ask how we homeschool when I am not with my older kids all the time.  Well, this is how we make it work.

I don't know if you can see the picture very well, but I got this in a text message from my son today.  He is in Prosper & had a question on his math.  We worked it out via text message! Love technology!  If they have a problem we just can't figure out, we put it aside if possible until I get back.  Many times Scott is there to help them, but there is a rare occasion when neither of us are there & that is when texting, phone calling or email comes in handy.  We just make it work.

We ended the day with yet another grab from Pinterest.

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes.  So good!!

How was your first day of school?