Monday, February 25, 2013

A Mother’s Hands


A Mother’s hands are…

Wiping tears

Washing dirty faces

Wiping dirt & blood off wounded knees

Preparing bottles

Changing diapers

Washing clothes

Driving to dance class, then to soccer practice, then to baseball camp

Washing dishes

Playing Candy Land with a preschooler

Folding clothes

Texting love messages with hubbie at work

Giving back rubs

Wiping little finger prints off of the windows

Holding babies tight

Picking up toys for the 10th time in a day

Emailing a friend an encouraging verse

Making beds

Mopping floors

Planning meals

Wiping marker off the walls

Grocery shopping

Marking promises to remember in her Bible

Making dinner for a sick friend

Writing her prayers for her children in her journal

Caressing the soft faces

Playing monopoly with a child

Swaddling a baby with utmost care

Bathing children

Washing unidentified sticky stuff off of door knobs

Organizing Legos

Preparing dinner

Hugging a tired husband home from work

Tucking children into bed

Pulling back her bed covers. Getting in bed & thanking the Lord for a busy but blessed life as a mom.

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