Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Daughters Deserve Better

My friend Erin & fellow M.O.M. Initiative Team member is founder & President of a fabulous ministry called, The Whatever Girls; Intentional Moms~Intentional Daughters.  Her ministry is launching a campaign that as  mother of 4 girls I think is extremely important!  Below is part her blog post that explains what the campaign is all about. You have to go to her site to read the full post.  You’ll love it…she has a great site!

I highly encourage you to check out Erin’s blog. Erin and her team are passionate about bringing awareness to a growing problem, but not a new one…the perversion of our children's purity. As a mom of both daughters and sons I can’t tell you how important this is.

By Erin Bishop

As a Christian, I believe every word in the Bible. I didn’t always. I used to think there was no God. I lived for myself. I lived in the moment. There was an emptiness. I sensed I was missing something. I looked for fulfillment in many things, and sometimes I still do, because, well, I’m human. But things changed, and I accepted Christ and my life hasn’t been the same since.

When it comes to matters of purity and modesty, I support both. God created man and woman to love, marry, have sex and reproduce.  And have more sex. Many critics of purity and modesty, or the manner in which these topics are portrayed, have often referred to those of us who believe in purity and modesty as ones who would have women wear burkas or the like. Not me, and I think I can safely say most of my colleagues feel the same way. I believe that women should be careful with how they dress because God made men to be visual creatures and sometimes the way women dress cause men (and boys) to stumble. And, sometimes, women are on the receiving end of unwanted attention, which is unacceptable.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a mixed group of teen guys and girls. We started talking about modesty and one of the guys said “It’s not fair how some girls dress. They look so hot in those short skirts and tight jeans, and I want to look, but then if I look, I feel like a pervert.” I told them  it was normal for them to be curious and aroused by what they saw, because it is. That’s how God wired them.

But what happens when we take something and mix it with something it was never intended to be mixed with? If you put Diesel fuel in your non-Diesel engine you may travel a short distance, but in the end you’re going to have some unpleasant side effects and most likely some serious damage. The same is true when you take two unmarried people and put them in the type of physical relationship that God intended for a husband and wife. As someone who has lived both ways (mine and God’s), I speak from experience when I say that there absolutely are negative side effects when we don’t do things God’s way. And again, I say this as a Christian, and this is my truth and the truth of many. But this isn’t what some people believe, and that’s their prerogative.

So what exactly do a group of Christian moms mean when they say they’ve had enough of the world and the media scandalizing and sexualizing their children?

Read the rest of what Erin wrote on her blog, The Whatever Girls