Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meek & Quiet Helper

Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Have you ever asked God for a meek & quiet spirit?

God showed me Genesis 2:18 through a book I was reading a many years ago. I would love to think of myself as meek and quiet, but, I’m not even close most of the time. My meek and quiet spirit will jump right out the window as soon as my husband comes home and does things like....well, nothing! You know what I’m talking about; they come in and get in their chair instead of rolling up their sleeves and helping me finish whatever housework or schoolwork that didn’t get done for that day. I looked over that verse and read it and reread it and then the light bulb went on. I got it! God didn’t create the man to help the woman; the woman was created to help the man. We are to be his support and encourager, his cheerleader. The Hebrew word for "helper" is "ezer". The KJV has translated it as the famous word we have all come to know and love as "help-meet". But ezer really translates to more of a support, much like an equalizer.

I grew up with a very traditional, non-feministic mother who truly believed in serving her husband out of love and respect. I never questioned that and I also love doing the same for my husband, but I still wondered why the Bible didn’t say that the husband should help do laundry or dishes (my version of Proverbs 31) I hear other women talk about their husbands doing laundry, bathing kids...neat stuff like that, and I kept wondering, “What is wrong with my husband?”

I realized that this verse is saying that he wasn’t created for that purpose. It doesn’t mean he can’t do it, but I shouldn’t expect it from him. When I expect him to help me do something and it doesn’t get done, no longer can meek and quiet fit my description! My husband does help me a lot and I try to let him see my appreciation, but I have to admit that there are times when I am wishing for more help. I often wonder if he realizes how much I try to accomplish, but fail everyday. Things happen like kids getting hurt, windows breaking, toilets overflowing and meals not getting finished on time, marker on the wall and that is just in one hour! My husband does care about all of that! That is why he still comes home everyday to our house of chaos. I have learned that believe it or not, our husbands cannot read our minds! If I need his help, all I have to do is say, “I need your help” and I get it. It is so great how that works.

I have been praying for the Lord to show me the true joy I can receive in my sticky floors, stinky kids and a really tired husband who works so very hard. I ask Him for a meek & quiet spirit so that I may be a blessing to my family. Day by day He is showing me that joy.

How Great is His Faithfulness!

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