Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Cannot Do It

In my last post, I told you I was participating in the B90 challenge, reading the Bible in 90 days.  So far, I have used up my only 2 grace days, but thankfully, the Lords grace is unending! :o)
But, I am still in it & loving it! 

On day 4 I read chapters 40-50 of Genesis.  Something in chapter 41 caught my eye & of course, the Lord highlighted this for me quite brightly!
Joseph is interpreting Pharaoh's dream, a passage I have read so many times.  Joseph had been in prison for 2 years & now has been called out when the cheif cupbearer remembered that Joseph had interpreted his dream correctly.  Pharaoh couldn't find anyone who knew what his dream meant.  Pharaoh sent for Joseph & told him that he had heard that he can interpret dreams.  Josephs' reply was what my reply needs to be more often.

"I cannot do it, but God will." (Genesis 41:16)
I still like to think that I can function in my flesh & do good, accomplish much and impress many!  Don't we all know how that turns out. Never good!

Joseph knew that it wasn't he that interpreted dreams, it was the work of the Spirit through him, God interpreted the dreams & used Joseph as a voice.  He didn't have to use Joseph, but he did and in turn Joseph was blessed beyond comprehension.

When I step back & acknowledge that it isn't me, but God, who accomplishes anything good in my life, blessings are mine.  If my kids grow up and become successful, godly adults, it isn't because I was such a great mom, it is because God worked in their life. 

God had a plan for his people, the Israelites.  There are many ways God could have gone about in accomplishing that plan, but he chose to use Joseph.  He brought pain & hardship onto Joseph.  He allowed Joseph to experience freedom & then imprisonment again.  Joseph had never read the book of Genesis, he had no idea what God was doing. I'm sure he was thinking, "This is so unfair, what is going on?"  But he did know that he believed the God of his fathers was a powerful and just God and he hoped that his God would see fit to allow him freedom once again.  And as soon as he did taste freedom, God received all the glory when Joseph boldy told Pharaoh that it was God who would interpret his dream.  If Joseph was unwilling to give God glory, God could easily have used someone else to accomplish his plan.  Either way, the plan would still have been successful.

God has a plan for your family.  As a mom, he wants to use you accomplish his plan.  Everyday, I have a choice.  I can try & take credit for anything good happening in my children and try to accomplish my own plans for them, or I can acknowledge that it is God's plan that will succeed & will in the end, be better than anything I could try and accomplish.

I do that by going to Him first and seeking his wisdom and discernment in discipling my children. 
I do that by praying for my children. 
I do that by saying everyday, "I cannot do it, but God will."

Ah, there is so much about Joseph's life that I can learn from!

It does not, therefore, depend on man's desire or effort, but on God's mercy. Romans 9:16