Thursday, January 10, 2013

FREE stuff!!

Remember I told you a while back that I have joined the amazing writing team for a new ministry called The MOM Initiative?

Well, exciting stuff is going on over there & you need to check it out!

First of all, our 2nd eBook has been released.  I am a contributor for this one and am really excited about it. The book is called "Overwhelmed" and deals with various issues moms often feel overwhelm them as mothers.

Click on the picture below & check out the site!  If you are already subscribed to the website then you already know about it. If you haven't subscribed yet, then you should because not only do you get this book as a free download, but you get wonderful posts and stories in your inbox everyday.  The ladies who write on this site have been a true blessing to me & I'm so thankful for the encouraging words they put out everyday for moms.

Also, books & gifts are being given away everyday!  All you have to do is either subscribe to the blog or leave a comment under today's post.

I am working on something that I pray will be of great encouragement to many moms.  The Lord laid it on my heart a while back to write a book, but I actually argued with him!  I didn't think I had time or the energy to take on such a  project, but God just wouldn't leave me alone.  so, I gave in.  The book is about learning to live in the joy of motherhood.  Joy is often misunderstood and I hope to explain the difference between joy as the world define's it versus how the Bible defines it.  Words are slowly beginning to show up on my screen.  Of course about the time I decide to go ahead with this everyone get's sick.  WE seem to be on the mend now so I am trying to work on it.  I have no clue how long this will take me.  But I am getting excited about it.  I would appreciate your prayers on this as I allow the Lord to write this for me. on over to The Mom Initiative!