Friday, January 18, 2013



We are still fighting off illness around here.  Once I begin to think we are in the clear someone else gets sick. 

Not much blogging going on these days, but I’m working hard on other things.

Here is my article for The Mom Initiative that posted this week.  By His Spirit.



I am working on the new website for what I hope to be a new exciting ministry for moms.   Joy Moms dot com isn’t ready just yet, but I promise it will be soon.  I plan to post snippets of what I am writing in my book, along with plenty of encouragement to live in the joy of being a mom.



I saw this verse posted on Facebook this week and thought what a great reminder it is that I am not in this alone. My tired soul can find rest in God, he is my strength. I don’t have time to get sick, I am taking care of a house full of snotty, coughing, body aching people.  When I am tired and really wanting a break and for people just get well I can focus instead on the promises of God like this one in Psalms 62:1-2 and allow the Holy Spirit to bring peace to my anxious heart & strength to my tired body.