Tuesday, July 14, 2009


How much do you know about the origins of the names of the constellations? I didn't know much, except that I thought that it was astrology and christians had no business looking to the stars for their future. There is evidence of the scriptures and the existance of God all over the stars. Many of the names of the constalations have Hebrew origins.

I have found a really neat website called Classical Astronomy. It has some really good links telling us what is happening in the sky today. They have a newsletter that keeps you updated. It is geared towards homeschoolers, but anyone can subscribe. The newsletter is called The Classical Astronomy Update. They also have a blog, though it doesn't seem to be updated very often, but it still had a lot of good information available. Also, from the website is a link to their christian curriculum, Signs and Seasons.

Here are some more Astronomy Websites

Biblical Astronomy

Jeanie Fulbright's Blog

(author of Exploring Creation through Astronomy)

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