Monday, July 13, 2009

Top 10 questions we get asked

Here is a list of the most common questions we get as a big family. I would never dream asking people some of these, but we get them all the time. There are more questions that we get, but I only put the most frequently asked. In case you have ever wondered about any of these I went ahead & answered them also.

10. What do you drive? (A 15 passenger van and no I don't need a special license to drive it, just a pillow in the seat to help me see over the steering wheel.)

9. Where do they all sleep?(in beds, & yes, they all have their own bed)

8. How much money do you spend on groceries?(A lot! Especially now that we have 4 teenagers that eat more than the adults. We are considering starting a fund raiser to help with the rising costs of food. Donations can be made to our paypal account!)

7. Do your kids ever fight?(Why do people think that big homeschool families don't fight? Of course they do & sometimes with fists & bad words.)

6. How big is your house?(When I'm cleaning it it way too big, when Josh is playing his guitar it isn't big enough)

5. Are you Morman or Catholic? (No, but we know some & they are really nice)

4. Are you going to get fixed? (Why, nothing is broken)

3. Are they all yours or is this a blended family? (Yes, I will claim them most of the time. If you mean did I give birth to them all, yes. No multiples, adoptions, or drugs. Just getting pregnant the old fashioned husband & one wife)

2. Are you done?(with what - having babies? If we were, why would we tell you? We like to keep people guessing.)

And the all time most frequently asked

(& most stupid)

question we get is...

1. Do you know what causes that?
(Yes, & we finally found something we are good at!)

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