Monday, July 13, 2009

Bailey Tribe

Since I have began blogging here about EVERYTHING, I thought I would repost a few things I wrote a couple of years ago that helped to explain who I am & why I am the way I am.
The picture above is of my family. If you are trying to count, there are 11 children & 2 parents.

Here are a few facts about us:

  • There is only 1 mom & 1 dad & 1 marriage of 22 yrs (as of 07.14.09).
  • There are no multiples, babies were born one at a time with no infertility treatments. Just one at a time the old fashioned way.
  • 5 babies have been born at home & 6, in the hospital.
  • We are not rich as the world describes rich, but w feel that we are much more fortunate than many whose bank accounts out weigh ours.
  • We homeschool and have for 17 years with many more to go.
  • We love Mexican food, Chinese food & Italian food and of course hamburgers & pizza!
 I love to blog & connect on facebook & twitter.

You can find me on:
 Twitter: @danabailey

You can also find me writing at

If you have any other questions about us please refer to our post called, "Top 10Questions we get asked."

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