Monday, July 13, 2009

Searching for Family Friendly Movies

Do you know what your kids are watching or listening to? When you take them to the movies, do you know what the movie is about…I mean really about? Or are you assuming that the commercial trailers are a fairly accurate sampling of the movie?

I have found a few websites that I like to use in reviewing music my kids listen to, TV shows that watch & movies they see. I have teenagers who go to the movies with friends so I am not always sitting there with them when they see a movie now. But I want to know what they are seeing & if it is appropriate for Believers to see.

SCREEN IT! is a site that I just found and enjoy. One Million Moms calls it the “best parental resource out there” The reviews are free, but there is a membership section of the website.

Another site I often check out is Plugged In. This is a Christian site so the reviews often come from a Biblical Worldview. I appreciate that you can also get reviews of music & TV shows on Plugged In.

So what is your family seeing this summer? You have to be very choosy.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a popular movie to see, but do you know what is in it? See what Plugged In & Screen It have to say.

What about Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen? This is a big one among the teenagers. It is rated PG-13, so is it safe? Read the reviews & decide for yourself.

Plugged In

Screen It!

A few weeks ago, Scott & I went to see the movie UP, the Pixar movie that came out in May. This movie was surprisingly good. We were impressed and are planning on renting the DVD when it comes out so the kids can see it. It had a great message to the movie; In the end, our things mean nothing, but our relationships with others will mean a great deal. Plugged In had a good review that I felt gave a good picture of what the movie was all about. Read their review of UP here. Here is the review by Screen IT.

Enjoy your summer!

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