Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Words

Have you heard of Stellan?

If not, it is probably because you are not on twitter, or you may not be following one of the thousands who follow Stellan's mom.

Prayers for Stellan

A few days ago I saw a post about praying for Stellan. Then I saw another one & another one, so I decided I had to check it out. I followed the link and found myself at a blog called My Charming Kids. The authors name is "McMama". It didn't take long for me to find out about who Stellan is and why everyone is praying for him.

He is a 9 month old baby born with a heart defect. If you want, I encourage you to read his story here. Stellan is dying, they just don't know when. He could live for only a few days or he could live for many years. I was most impressed by the honesty & transparency of this mom. She knows her God and knows he is in control, but watching her son suffer is hard & she tells you how hard it is. She tells God how hard it is, but in the same breath, she recognizes God's sovereignty and she loves him for that.

Today McMama wrote an excellent post about their struggle to stay focused on the daily issues at hand. I chose a part of her blog as my "Wednesday Words".

But therein lies the challenge of the Christian walk: It is so daily. Daily I find I must die to myself and refocus my eyes on the Lord. And, here in the the hospital with our son, it has become a moment by moment challenge.

Life is so daily, but so is our God and he has promised to never leave us, but rather to strengthen us & help us to endure the difficulties we will face when we place our hope & trust in him.

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